Destination Solar System at The Adler Planetarium

We know it’s been several centuries since its discovery, but it’s crazy that the solar system exists.  Seriously, why isn’t a comment on the solar system not the first thing that we say to each other every day?  Like, “Hey, Phil.  Can you believe that the solar system is a thing?  Anyways, do we have anymore donuts?”  The fact that this is not part of our daily dialogue just shows how repressed of a society we are.

Literally, this very second, the solar system is existing.  There are enormous celestial bodies consisting of all the elements on the periodic table that are hurling through space at thousands of miles per hour and being controlled by an even larger sphere of infinitely combusting gaseous space fuel.   This would be amazing if it was going on in some far distant land.  But it’s not.  It’s going on where we are.  We are living on one these celestial bodies consisting of all the elements on the period table.  Right now, we are hurling through space at speeds we can only imagine.  How are we even focusing on other stuff?  How can anyone even expect us to hold jobs, or pay taxes, or wear pants, or write blogs?  It’s all so insignificant considering that there is the solar system.  The SOLAR SYSTEM!  It’s a gosh darn system controlled by solar.  What more do we have to say?

Stop doing whatever pointless, fleeting, inconsequential task you are inflicting upon yourself and go straight to Destination Solar System at The Adler Planetarium to learn about the only thing that really matters:  THE SOLAR SYSTEM!  There is nothing more valuable or stimulating you could possibly be doing with your time.