The Most Common People You Will Meet at A Hostel

Experienced travelers who’ve stayed in their fair share of hostels know all about the travelers you’re going to hear about on this post. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll come across certain types of travelers that have become a “traveling stereotype”. Our hostel is no exception to this rule and this post is coming from the the thousands of guests that have stayed here.


The Gap year Students/ J-1 Irish Students

photo of j-1 students

Countries like Australia and Ireland are notorious for having a year where young adults can “find themselves”. Whoever came up with this idea must be the best sales person in the world. Convincing the rest of society to just give them one year to mess around before they have to contribute to society must have been a difficult sell. The gap year students from Australia or J-1’s from Ireland typically are a lively bunch and tend to make headlines here in Chicago see here. If you want to know where the party is ask one of them


The Know it all Traveler

know everything traveler

He/or she has seen the world and no matter which city is being discussed, knows all about it. Basically they act like they’ve lived in every city they’ve been to, even if they were only there for a layover. We’ve all met the person who at the mention of some city you visited, will tell you that you didn’t experience the city unless you’ve done this or that. They’ll be sure to let you know what cities you have to go to. While their intentions might be in the right place, the just come across as annoying

The Drunk Person(s)

hostel drunk person

This one should probably be number one. This person kind of fits the most common people you will meet…well anywhere. Most of the time when you see them in the hostel it’s at a night, you’re sleeping and you wish they would keep their voice down. You could pretty much hear them coming from down the street.

The Couple That Travels Together Stays Together


whether they are on a honeymoon, or on a budget, or just tow lovers on an vacation, there’s always a pair at the hostel. One hopes that they would book a private room for their PDA, but that’s not always the case. If you see them trying to take their couple selfie, offer to help them out. It’s good karma for the day you meet your future travel life partner.

The Musician

picture of musician

Always carrying some case or musical instrument (typically an acoustic guitar), they’ll be happy to play for you, even if you don’t ask. Get into a conversation with them and you’ll find out about some bands you’ve never heard of in a Nordic country.

The Hot European Girl

hot eruopean girl

It doesn’t have to be European, it just usually is. The really attractive girl that’s staying in the hostel. You think to yourself, maybe I’ll cross paths with her and have the courage to strike up a conversation and totally hit it off , but in the end you see her checking out and never see her again.

The Loner

guy traveling alone

Just traveling the world by themselves, these are some of the more intriguing characters. They wonder the city alone and keep to themselves. Your curios about their story and what brings them to a hostel all by themselves. Maybe some secret mission because they’re an international assassin, but most likely a business trip on a budget.

The I never Put my Phone or Lap Top Away Person

person looking at phone and computer

They never put their phone down or they are never not in the lobby typing on their computer. Do they ever  go out and experience the real world? Why did they even go on a trip if they are jsut going to be on the phone or computer all day?